● Smith Ketamine Services – Closed● 

Name:  Smith Ketamine Services – Closed by DEA

In May of 2023, DEA suspended Dr. Smith’s license to prescribe Controlled Substances. Tragically, DEA’s summary act threw thousands of Dr. Smith’s patients “out into the cold.” The community of patients, current and prospective, lost a priceless resource.

There has been no announcement of the allegations against Dr. Smith. Reports are that Dr. Smith has retired; however, he has indicated that he may resume serving the community through some alternative clinic vehicle.

Practitioner:  Scott W. Smith, MD

Licensed In: All states except AK and RI

Address: 990 Lake Hunter Circle Suite 101A, Mt. Pleasent, SC 29464

Administered: At-home

Email: Help@SmithFamilyMD.com

Website:   SmithFamilyMD.com

ROAs:  Lozenges, suppositories

Protocol:  Typically 200 mg every 3 days for 6 months. At each thirty-day visit, the provider reviews your scores on standardized scales of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and suicidality. These scores, in combination with your interview input, guide your optimal treatment dose.  Patients with significant anxiety symptoms are dosed every three days. Patients with depressive symptoms without significant anxiety may be dosed less often, hopefully only once a week.

Personnel:  MD, RMA, MSW, LCSW, MHNP, Ketamine Coach,

Policies: Discounted fee for veterans. Maximum dose 400 mg. Monthly prescriptions.

Follow-Ups: Monthly for 1 year, quarterly thereafter

Editorial: Dr. Smith is among the most prominent ketamine providers. His staff of ketamine coaches is very well-trained and accessible. Lead times for appointments are typically several months, but often an opening becomes available sooner due to a cancellation. Because follow-up appointments are required only quarterly after the first year, Smith’s fee plus pharmacy costs are then very competitive with those of Joyous.

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