● Kismet Ketamine Infusions ●


248 East 6th St, Frederick, MD, 21701

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Primary Dr(s) Name(s)

Meagan Steele

Practice Credentials

  • NP – Nurse Practitioner


  • IV – In Office

States Licensed In


Administration Locations

Office Location Only

Primary Services Provided

Ketamine infusions

Other Services Provided


Protocol, Course of Action

6 IV loading doses

Rating 1


Dr/NP/Coach Name

NP, Meagan Steele (owner and proprietor)


This was my first experience with ketamine. Meagan is an awesome provider. She is down to earth and makes the experience 10/10. Kismet is an infusion-only practice, but Meagan’s husband Rick is a licensed psychotherapist (also versed in the experience), and his services would be available should someone want them. They also have another female therapist named Meghan, who is very good and understands the Ketamine experience. Both of these therapists take insurance. Back to Kismet – Meagan monitors your vitals and checks in on you frequently without disturbing the experience. She also has many medications to administer if your BP or heart rate gets too high. I look forward to seeing her (and her husband if I am lucky) each time I go. I now consider them friends – connected via divine medicine. Meagan is very helpful; she could tell the experience blew me away. And we have good conversations every time. I have been telling everyone I know they need to see Meagan! $2430 if committed to 6 infusions.

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