● New You Clinic ●

Name:                        New You Clinic    

Practitioner:    Each patient is assigned to an independent prescriber (based on medical history and blood test results).

Licensed In:             COTXUT

Address:                  11990 Grant St. Ste 550, Northglenn, CO 80233

Administered: At-home

Email:                        info@newyouclinic.org

Website:                   newyouclinic.org

ROAs:  RDTs, troches, or lollipops (lollipops can be compounded with NAD+ and oxytocin as needed)

Protocol:  ~0.5mg/kg (bioactive ketamine/body weight) sublingually every 3 days. Generally prescribed as 150-200mg per dose;

Personnel:  MD, NP, RD

Ancillary Services:  Weight loss, hormone replacement and performance, anti-aging, medical consultation, comprehensive bloodwork, compounded prescriptions, nutrition, and exercise coaching.

Referral:  Unnecessary if the patient has a documented history of mental health disorders

Specialties: Integrative sex hormone, thyroid, diet, and exercise support

Policies: Comprehensive review of medical history, in-depth assessment of blood-lab results (we will send a LabCorp requisition to each patient), and ongoing weekly recording of blood pressure (at least) before and after a treatment session each week, monthly depression, anxiety, and PTSD surveys, commitment to productive diet and exercise habits OR free access to our diet and exercise coaching platform, and agreement to undergo random urinalyses (LabCorp requisition is provided to the patient) at the discretion of the prescribing provider

Follow-Ups: Monthly follow-up visits with the prescribing provider (frequency can reduce at the provider’s discretion).

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