Beyond this site’s information, several support groups and subreddits are available, forming a community of patients and providers. We participate in some (not all) of these communities, providing guidance offering our website to patients, and fielding and answering questions we’re comfortable with. Our star ratings are based on (our subjective) views of the quality of the content for therapeutic purposes and are significantly influenced by the moderation policies. We do not consider the number of participating members or the quantity of activity.

Remembering the character and intensity of each site’s moderation is a very important point. A given site might focus on your interest (which we hope is therapeutic use) yet be so vigorously censored that the site deprives you of the very information you need so desperately. In such a case, the site consumes your time while failing to deliver the content you seek. But this phenomenon is nearly impossible to recognize! You don’t see the content you value because it has been censored before you can read it.

The flip side is that a site’s moderation policies are so liberal that “anything goes”. And that site’s content is then filled with posts and comments that don’t address your particular interest (which, again, we hope, is therapeutic use.)

If you keep these points in mind, you will be a more conscious and discriminating chooser of which forums you opt to follow and spend your time studying.

Here is a short list of resources you may want to investigate –


The Osmind Patient Community is a forum for people with depression or other mental health diagnoses. It is also a forum for people interested in mental health care, psychedelic medicine (including ketamine, esketamine, MDMA, psilocybin, and more), brain stimulation, and other innovative treatments for mental health disorders. OSmind is meant to be a safe space to ask questions, receive and provide support, and share about one’s care experience. 



This subreddit serves the therapeutic ketamine community. r/ketaminetherapy allows for open discussion between patients, doctors, and resource providers. Its liberal moderation policies foster answers to questions without overly aggressive censorship. While it is not the most active of the ketamine subreddits, we recommend you join this community over lower-rated subs because of its liberal moderation policies.

Because of the liberal moderation policies of this sub, we can post unrestricted, allowing us to answer questions of all nature directly, with links to specific areas of the site. This fosters medically accurate answers in a wide variety of situations.

This sub focuses on therapeutic ketamine, so discussions of recreational ketamine are best avoided here and instead done on r/ketamine, listed below.



r/therapeuticketamine is primarily geared toward an active community of therapeutic ketamine patients. The focus is on real-time communication between individuals, and r/therapeuticketamine welcomes members to share their anecdotes openly. One of the most active subs, one can often find answers to common questions quickly, and a dedicated user base is ready to help. This sub has a very active community.

r/therapeuticketamine was the original home of our orientation guide, first shared as a personal anecdote and success story for others to read and learn from.

This sub is the most heavily moderated of the subs listed here and restricts users from providing health advice. Dr’s are welcome to participate in medical conversations. However, patients are discouraged from discussing modifications to their treatment plans without the involvement of a provider, which we support.

We at have an understanding with the mods of r/therapeuticketemine, wherein we are welcome to post links to our site for those new to ketamine, exploring the treatment or are actively looking for more information beyond a conversation. Also, we are welcome to share our site for patients seeking providers as we host one of the most comprehensive directories. We have been asked (reasonably so) to be otherwise sparing with links to our site to foster more free and open conversations between the sub members. This sub focuses on healthy interaction more and references information less than some others.

Like all members, we (at are welcome to share our personal stories about our journeys, and we actively participate and do so regularly.

We refrain from encouraging traffic to our site unless under the aforementioned circumstances on this sub.

We rate this sub 4 and a half stars as it is a very active community with input of all natures (diverse perspectives). As a result, one cannot be guaranteed the quality of any particular answer. Some doctors participate in the sub during their limited time, so there are good, solid medical answers sometimes, but this is mixed with personal experiences and misinformation on rare occasions. While this holds for all subs, the focus of this sub makes it more of a risk.

Regardless, we recommend you join and participate here as you’ll find a large community of like-minded people willing to share their personal stories openly. This is the place if you’re looking for someone to relate to.



R/DIYtk (Do It Yourself Therapeutic Ketamine) is a site dedicated to those who may not have satisfactory access to prescription ketamine yet intend to use it for a therapeutic purpose. We (at neither disparage nor advocate recreational use. We advocate only for therapeutic use. We urge, wherever possible that competent advisors guide therapeutic use. Vastly more difficult for do-it-yourselves. Nevertheless, we sympathize with patients lacking access to affordable, competent guidance. So, we support this subreddit and recommend it to users who need to understand how to improvise.

We ( prohibit the discussion of sourcing illegal ketamine on our site, as does the r/DIYtk subreddit. Recreationally-related topics are most widely discussed in r/Ketamine, which is highly tolerant of such use.


Bluelight is an international, online, harm-reduction community committed to reducing the harms associated with drug use.

Bluelight neither condemns nor condones the use of drugs. Rather, we accept that drug use will always exist irrespective of legal status or societal norms. While there is no absolute safe way to use drugs, bluelight understands that prohibition and abstinence are not realistic or desirable solutions for everyone, nor have they addressed the serious public health concerns associated with drug use.

While there is no universal definition of drug-related harm reduction, Bluelight believes that through frank and open discussion, they can deliver accurate information, eliminate misinformation, and empower individuals to make wiser, more responsible choices. Their approach is that any idea or concern is worth raising so that all perspectives and experiences can weigh in and help others decide what to believe and what actions to take.

Bluelight understands that drug use encompasses a broad range of behaviors, some safer than others, and that drug use can progress towards increased risk with some individuals. They encourage their community to be honest and cognizant of drug use and understand the warning signs of abuse and addiction before they manifest.

Bluelight also hosts a robust recovery community for those seeking a way out of drug abuse and addiction. These forums invite visitors to discuss addiction and sobriety non-judgmentally, share recovery resources, and encourage members to seek help. They believe there are various roads to recovery, including 12-step programs such as Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous and alternatives such as SMART Recovery.

This community has expressed an interest in supporting ketamine users, whether recreational or therapeutic, so please check them out.



r/Ketamneaddiction is a sub for users addicted to ketamine or suffering severe adverse side effects. It serves as a warning for ketamine users to consider the risk of the consequences of ketamine abuse seriously. Ketamine patients should not dismiss addiction and side effects summarily. They should be conscious of these risks and proceed prudently. Users with recreational intentions need to be especially conscious of these consequences and evaluate their use of ketamine in light of user reports on this forum.



r/KetamineStateYoga is a new sub that concentrates on the therapeutic user’s state of mind while on ketamine and developing yogis to guide the therapeutic use of this medicine. Looks like it’s apt to be worth watching develop.



r/ketamine is a subreddit devoted to recreational users, with no restrictions on the intent behind using ketamine. It can be useful to understand refinement techniques, dose conversions, and perceived non-therapeutic benefits of ketamine usage. It may be most useful to see reports of injudicious ketamine use, where people have not kept their doses within safe limits and have bladder problems or become addicted.

We rarely participate in r/ketamine because most content focuses on recreational use.

We at do not disparage recreational use nor disparage their subReddit. Nor do we advocate for recreational use or their subReddit.

We encourage those interested in therapeutic use to follow the subReddits, blogs, and podcasts dedicated to therapeutic applications of ketamine or the science of ketamine, not recreational use.

Recreational sources have a lower yield of information useful to therapy and limited opportunities for therapeutic ketamine patients to learn more about how to treat their indications effectively.

Therapeutic ketamine is tangentially supported in recreational forums in general, and r/ketamine is no exception.

We recommend budgeting the amount of attention you pay to recreational subs, blogs, and podcasts, categorically speaking. Sources focused on therapeutic use will prove far more useful.

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