● Propel Therapeutics ●

● Address 1

1010 Hurley Way, Suite 140, Sacramento, CA, 95825

● Contact Email


● URL/Web Site


● Primary Dr(s) Name(s)

Dr. Christopher Fischer, Dr. Sofia Peeva

● Practice Credentials

  • MD – Psychiatry
  • MD – Anesthesiologist

● ROAs

  • IV – In Office
  • IM – In Office
  • Oral Troches – In Office
  • Oral Rapid Dissolve Tablets – In Office

● States Licensed In


● Administration Locations

Office Location Only

● Primary Services Provided

Depression, Anxiety disorders, PTSD, and chronic pain

● Specialties

psychiatry, anesthesiology

● Protocol, Course of Action

IV, IM, or oral once to twice a week for 6 session induction followed by maintenance treatment. Vast majority of our sessions are IV. All sessions are accompanied with ketamine assisted psychotherapy.

● Referrals required, or other preconditions

no referral required as co-founder is a psychiatrist who will conduction the intake

● Follow-ups

regular check-ins by rating scales, text, and maintenance sessions

● Booster Protocol

We provide booster sessions with frequency determined by personalized treatment plan for each individual patient.

● Other Notes

Our clinic is an immersive environment. In addition to the individual ketamine assisted psychotherapy with each session, patients also are able to attend a weekly group integration that is lead by an experienced therapist online.

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● Do you provide a SuperBill?


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