● Manlove Brain + Body Health ●

● Address 1

636 Saint Anne St., Rapid City, SD, 57701

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● Primary Dr(s) Name(s)

Stephen Manlove, MD

● Practice Credentials

  • MD – Psychiatry

● ROAs

  • IV – In Office
  • IM – In Office
  • Nasal Spravato – In Office

● States Licensed In

South Dakota

● Administration Locations

Office Location Only

● Primary Services Provided


● Specialties

Treatment Resistant Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, ADHD, Mood Disorders, Dementia, Psychotic Disorders, Forensic Psychiatry

● Other Services Provided

Medication Management, ketamine/esketamine (Spravato), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), vagal nerve stimulation (VNS), laboratory analysis, genetic testing, brain health, forensic psychiatry

● Protocol, Course of Action

Ketamine treatments typically begin with six infusions over 2-3 weeks. After the first two weeks, doses may be spaced out a few weeks apart. Many patients require maintenance treatments at a reduced frequency. Maintenance treatments may be given weekly, monthly, or less. Typically, maintenance treatments are given every 4-6 weeks to start and taper off over time. Intramuscular injections follow a similar cadence to IV infusions. Patients typically receive six injections over the first 2-3 weeks, followed by one injection every few weeks as needed. Spravato is a nasal spray that comes in two strengths. More frequent treatments are required to have the same effect as intramuscular or intravenous infusions. Typically two treatments per week for the first four weeks, followed by one treatment a week for an additional five weeks.

● Follow-ups

Clinicians meet with each patient on a monthly basis outside of ketamine treatment sessions to assess their response and any potential complications. The patient and their provider will collaborate on any adjustments that need to be made to their treatment plan.

● Other Notes

Our Safety Protocol: Manlove Brain + Body Health follows the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) protocol and American Psychiatric Association guidelines for all of the esketamine and ketamine treatments administered, including intranasal (IN), intramuscular (IM), and intravenous (IV) delivery methods.

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